Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coopers 2nd birthday!

We started the day out with Pancakes of course

The day before Coopers birthday he started to not feel so well. He came home from Ruth Anns being very clingy, wanting me to hold him none stop and was running a little bit of a fever. Luckily we had an appointment the next morning for his 2 year check-up, no shots were needed (what kind of mom would I be to do that on his b-day?), where he weighted in at 32 pounds and was 36 inches tall and had a double ear infection. He was acting like he was feeling better and since it was his birthday I decided to go ahead and take him to Ruth Anns so he could play with his friends and have cupcakes....horrible mom that I am, he came home feeling even more horrible(example: picture 2).

We decided to take him to chick-fil-a for his birthday dinner and pick up his antibiotic (that he did not take till 7pm that evening) and then head home for dessert and open presents from mommy and daddy!
a toy story Leapfrog Tag Junior

and my favorite, a table and chairs

Later that night around 11pm he woke up crying with a temperature of 103!!! (FREAK OUT)
I ended up staying home with him the next day so that we could rest and relax before friends and family came to town for his 2nd birthday party.

We originally had planned to celebrate Coopers birthday at the park but because Oklahoma weather is soo unpredictable we had to end up moving it inside at the very last minute. It had been in the 70s all week and we were thinking it was going to be perfect weather and then saturday morning a cold front comes in with highs in the low 50s and a north wind of 40 mph...and well with Cooper having an ear infection and great grandparents coming we figured we better find warmth! So the only place we could find at the last minute to fit 35 people was at our church in the youth group room. I was nervous because it was nothing like I had planned but it turned out fine and it ended up warming up towards the end of the party so the kids got to go outside and play on the playground at church. We celebrated with Pizza and salad of course and amazing cupcakes and cookies!!

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