Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coopers 2nd birthday!

We started the day out with Pancakes of course

The day before Coopers birthday he started to not feel so well. He came home from Ruth Anns being very clingy, wanting me to hold him none stop and was running a little bit of a fever. Luckily we had an appointment the next morning for his 2 year check-up, no shots were needed (what kind of mom would I be to do that on his b-day?), where he weighted in at 32 pounds and was 36 inches tall and had a double ear infection. He was acting like he was feeling better and since it was his birthday I decided to go ahead and take him to Ruth Anns so he could play with his friends and have cupcakes....horrible mom that I am, he came home feeling even more horrible(example: picture 2).

We decided to take him to chick-fil-a for his birthday dinner and pick up his antibiotic (that he did not take till 7pm that evening) and then head home for dessert and open presents from mommy and daddy!
a toy story Leapfrog Tag Junior

and my favorite, a table and chairs

Later that night around 11pm he woke up crying with a temperature of 103!!! (FREAK OUT)
I ended up staying home with him the next day so that we could rest and relax before friends and family came to town for his 2nd birthday party.

We originally had planned to celebrate Coopers birthday at the park but because Oklahoma weather is soo unpredictable we had to end up moving it inside at the very last minute. It had been in the 70s all week and we were thinking it was going to be perfect weather and then saturday morning a cold front comes in with highs in the low 50s and a north wind of 40 mph...and well with Cooper having an ear infection and great grandparents coming we figured we better find warmth! So the only place we could find at the last minute to fit 35 people was at our church in the youth group room. I was nervous because it was nothing like I had planned but it turned out fine and it ended up warming up towards the end of the party so the kids got to go outside and play on the playground at church. We celebrated with Pizza and salad of course and amazing cupcakes and cookies!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catch-up #7

These are some pictures of Cooper over the past couple of months. He has really started to become allll boy lately and I say that meaning that he was not all boy before but it seems these past months he is ALLLL boy!
I love boys. Ever since I was little I have always wanted 4 or 5 kids and wanted them all to be boys, not that I don't like girls but well girls are just hard, moody, gossipy, mean and well seem to go through harder times then boys. Now, if I have a girl I will be happy don't get me wrong but I would love all boys. I already have 3 (fixing to be 4) semi-my girls that I claim part mine...aka my nieces that I love and adore!
Boys are just fun and this one is wrapped around my little finger. He comes home from Ruth Anns everyday covered in dirt from head to toe, loves to collect sticks and rocks from the yard, will find any puddle of water to jump in, eats dirt, plays with bugs and spiders, has no fear of jumping off of any service, loves tractors, cars and any type of ball but yet will find a flower to pick for me, let me cuddle and kiss him all over, and tells me he wuvs me every-night.

in his football attaire

working on his form

watching a movie in the car

eatting fruit salad with his hemmet "helmet" on


in his big boy panties

look at that cute bottom

Friday, April 1, 2011

Catch-Up #6

This year was my moms 60th Birthday! We wanted to surprise her so we planned a party in February instead of March so that she would not suspect a thing. We decided that we were all going to meet in Southlake, Texas (close to Dallas). They just built this very nice outdoor shopping center with lots of restaurants and my nephew has had some tournaments for lacrosse here in the past and so we thought we could use that as a way to get her down here with out asking dad lots of questions. She was sooo surprised! It took her a little while to figure out that Cody really didn't have any games that weekend that it was all about her. We went to eat at Snuffers then came back for cake, cookies and champagne. The next day we went shopping, the girls had an appointment at Lemongrass to get pedicures and then we took her to Kirbys steakhouse for dinner. We had a lot of fun and we were so glad that we surprised her!
we were all hiding in her hotel room

the best carrot cake ever...good job stefanie

can't have a party without Eileens cookies


bath decorations by the boys

mom and her girls

nana with her grandkids minus Cody

kids at dinner
Happy 60th birthday mom!

Catch-Up #5

On October 1st we started watching Charlie Brown Halloween, then on November 1st we started watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and then on November 24 we started watching Charlie Brown Christmas....and when I say watch I mean we watched it EVERYYYYDAYYY! I loved these shows growing up and so I told Jacob that I wanted to Cooper to like them as well but I didn't think that he would be obsessed with them. He would hear the music playing, stop whatever he was doing and RUN to come watch, and he would sit through the whole thing and even memorized some lines. That story leads us to our Valentine's Day
We didn't get a single picture of him in his valentines day shirt with his friends from school but, He made them all a heart-shaped rice krispy treat with sprinkles and a snoopy valentine of course!