Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catch-up #7

These are some pictures of Cooper over the past couple of months. He has really started to become allll boy lately and I say that meaning that he was not all boy before but it seems these past months he is ALLLL boy!
I love boys. Ever since I was little I have always wanted 4 or 5 kids and wanted them all to be boys, not that I don't like girls but well girls are just hard, moody, gossipy, mean and well seem to go through harder times then boys. Now, if I have a girl I will be happy don't get me wrong but I would love all boys. I already have 3 (fixing to be 4) semi-my girls that I claim part mine...aka my nieces that I love and adore!
Boys are just fun and this one is wrapped around my little finger. He comes home from Ruth Anns everyday covered in dirt from head to toe, loves to collect sticks and rocks from the yard, will find any puddle of water to jump in, eats dirt, plays with bugs and spiders, has no fear of jumping off of any service, loves tractors, cars and any type of ball but yet will find a flower to pick for me, let me cuddle and kiss him all over, and tells me he wuvs me every-night.

in his football attaire

working on his form

watching a movie in the car

eatting fruit salad with his hemmet "helmet" on


in his big boy panties

look at that cute bottom

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