Sunday, August 30, 2009


We wish everyone a wonderful week! Thought these would help bring a smile to your face!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crawling, Teething and More

Cooper has now officially gone through all the vegetables!! He liked all of them Alot which I was so happy for. I am in the process of wanting to start making my own food for him, which will be fun.

Cooper has wanted to start crawling so bad. He will get up on his knees and stick that butt up in the air, but just can't get those arms to work. We bet he will have it down by the end of the week.
Cooper got to finally meet his friend Ella. Ella was born almost exactly a month before Cooper!
We discovered on Wednesday that Cooper got his first tooth. He got his bottom front right tooth, and it is a sharp little sucker! We are hoping that the rest of his teeth are like this one because it came in with no tears just all smiles!
Cooper now weighs 20 pounds and 4 ozs. He is only 2 pounds away from needing a new car seat! Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks. He is getting to big too fast!
Cooper doing his chores!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

5 months old

Cooper is 5 months old today!!! In celebration of his 5 months we busted out the highchair last night so that he could eat his first taste of greenbeans, which he loved.

Cooper at 5 months old:
-weight: estimating 18 to 18.5 pounds
-Sleeps through the night 10-11 hours
-Naps 3-4 times a day. short one in Am, 2 1/2 in afternoon, short one in evening.
-Eats every 3 hours. Loves Oatmeal and started green beans
-wearing 6-9 month clothes but mostly 9 months
-We go throgh two outfitts a day and 3-4 bids from drooling..ALOT!
-Loves to take baths. When he hears water running he starts kicking.
-Likes having clothes off and getting diaper changed
-Cuddles with mommy alot during naps on sunday afternoon
-LOVES to be read to and loves to eat the book
-Starting to hold his own bottle
-Car rides and shopping are liked to an extent
-Loves to be outside period. we have started taking him to the zoo, which we think he really enjoys
-Likes Ruth Anns and playing with all the kiddos. He will tell me all about his day on the car ride home, right before he falls asleep...everytime!
-He knows his name and will look at direction it is being called from
-Will smile at a drop of a hat
-Rolling ALL over the place
-Trying to start crawling by scooting
-Holds head up very well
-Will reach out and grab whatever is infront of him
-Loves mommys hair. He will pull and chew on it.
-Likes being sung too
-Started to laugh aloud alot, he was holding it in for awhile
-No teeth yet
-Hair is growing fast and starting to curl
-We call him scooterbug, bubba or Cooper-D-Dooper
-He is a big flirt
-Favorite Toys: Franklin, Giraffe, Books, Monkey on playmate, and Fishbowl

This weekend we also attempted our 2nd trip to the zoo. This trip Cooper was awake and LOVED being outside, especially with it only being 86 degrees outside.