Monday, April 19, 2010

Pioneer Woman, GiGi and Bluebonnets

We have had some exciting events this month, so much that we haven't come up for air just yet. I can't complain though because I like things to be busy. My niece and nephew both play lacrosse so we have been attending their games on the weekends which is sooo exciting to watch. If you haven't ever watched lacrosse, I highly suggest you do. I think its the only game that you can literally take some one out cold and get cheered to do so.

Cousin Cody

Cooper loves his Ka-Ka

We went to visit Gi-Gi (Coopers Great-Grandma) one afternoon this past week. We haven't seen GiGi since her 90th birthday so it was a very long overdue visit. Cooper loves his GiGi and loved spending time with her. Gi-Gi pulled out her dominos and cooper had fun making a mess. We also had to let Cooper play on the cellar door which a tradition in our family. That was "the place" when we were little.

Something that you wouldn't think to find in Oklahoma are bluebonnets. We use to always go to the Texas Hill country every spring to look at the bluebonnets and since we haven't made it to Texas yet this spring, I had to take this picture for my mom.

Cooper had so much fun that he fell asleep reading his book.

The most exciting of all.....I got to meet the Pioneer Woman!! It was an early birthday present from my wonderful sister-in-law Rachael. It was a luncheon/booksigning for 300 woman. We had the pleasure of listening to her speak, got to eat her chicken spagetti, olive bread, homemade ranch dressing on a iceberg wedge, apple dumplings, and mocha cake.

While there I also had the pleasure of meeting Smittybaby Aka Meridith Smith which I forgot to take a picture with. She is precious! She has a great blog that you will love to read and is amazingly crafty!! We still have many things left in the month...Jacobs grandma went home so we have her funeral tomm, my parents are coming this weekend to celebrate my sisters, my moms and my birthday, and the last weekend we have a garage sale with our friends the Colberts.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Thought I would share a picture from Easters past.....Cooper with his first Easter basket.

Cooper meeting the Easter bunny

Cooper is ready to dye Easter eggs for the first time

Thank goodness these were boiled because he thought they were balls and would throw them

Egg hunt at church

Easter treats that we made for the Easter bunny. The Nests are compliments of my friend Amy, they looked so yummy that I had to try them.......VERY delicious! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

First Haircut

Alot has happened since Coopers first birthday. Cooper finally got his first hair you can see from the first picture it was starting to get out of control.

The finished product. Cutting his hair actually made it more curly.

Mommy was so excited to ride the carousel at the zoo...Cooper on the other hand not so much.

and still nothing.

Cooper loves, LOVES, loves to read books. Here he is reading a book to his friends before bed!