Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch-Up #4

Snow storm 2011! You might remember from last year, and if not I will refresh your memory, we got snowed in over Christmas. We were suppose to leave to go to Jacobs parents house for Christmas (coopers 1st Christmas) on Christmas eve morning and much to our surprise (sarcastic voice) the weatherman was a little wrong about how much snow we were getting. Because we were leaving we did not have any food except freezer stuff and some things we had made for Christmas lunch at Jacobs parents house. This year, we were VERY prepared for the snow, with lots of food and lots to do!

we played play-do

watched movies in a box

watched cookies bake

played in our tent

watched movies in our tent

and played in the snow

Catch-Up #3

In January my dad and aunt decided that it was time to move my 91 year old grandma closer to one of them in case something was to happen to her. She has been living on her own for almost 9 years since my Paw-Paw passed away and is still in good health!! It was a VERY emotional day because it brought back so many wonderful memories of our Paw-Paw and of course all the amazing times that we had spent there growing up.
here is one side of the family the other half is waiting at her new place to move her in

kids on the back steps

on the cellar door where we spent many years playing while we were growing upafter we were done moving we went to the park to play before getting back in the car

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catch-Up #2

This post was suppose to come before our Halloween post but since we are playing catch-up I figured we would throw these in as well. We decided to take the grandkids down to visit GiGi before school was going to start up again. We thought we would try to get some pictures of the kids in places around her house that we always had pictures taken when we were kids growing up, just for memory sake and well you will see how those turn out...

playing with Uncle Joey
kiss from GiGi
picking up pine-cones for GiGi

1st attempt at a picture on the workshop steps

2nd attempt
1st and last attempt at a staying we thought we would bust out some silly string

and well you can see how that worked out...but as soon as they put back on their play clothes everyone starts smiling
We love you GiGi!!

Catch-Up #1

I know it's has been since Halloween since I have posted on here and I apologize. Many friends and family have been asking for updates since they don't get to see Coop much and it has been very hard to get motivated after coming home from work and then playing mommy/wife, BUT I have learned my lesson to never get this far behind because I had way way too many pictures to look through to catch up to now. So, bare with me because there is lots to catch-up on and lots of pics to we will start with Christmas!
We had 3 Christmas's this year. Our first Christmas was at Jacobs Grandmothers house, then to my parents house in Houston and then we had Jacobs parents Christmas on New Years this year. It was crazy and very busy but we were glad to not be snowed in this year. Hope that you enjoy all the pictures!!

Coopers first Christmas tree

horse from Pop-Pop and Maw

watching Wizard of Oz with cousin Alana at Great grandmothers Christmas
surprisingly he watched the whole movie
We LOVE to go to Taste of Texas when ever we go to Houston and with it being a few days before Christmas there was a 2 hour wait (so worth it) and well the kids were getting a little hungry and had about 4 helpings of popcorn, chips and coke while waiting.

the sugar kicked in so Cooper decided to wrestle Paige

outside Taste of Texas

Kids in matching Pj's

Cody and Cooper
notice the big bruise on Coops forehead..first day at nana's he fell off the couch and face planted into the tile floor

kids with GiGi

leaving cookies and milk for santa
Christmas morning
what Santa left for Cooper
Cooper loved his "hemmet"
reading a book that Santa left

Infront of Nana's tree

playing hide and seek

showing Claire his bow..."I funny", said CooperPaige and Cooper

Mr. Potato Head