Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 weeks later.....

Things have been so crazy lately that I completely forgot this thing even existed.... sorry. We both have been working, Jacob is taking summer school, we both have been working out and trying to keep up with Mr. Cooper.
Since we saw you last Cooper tried swim lessons but didn't really care for it, we have been to the pool and park alot, the zoo, survived a flood and some other interesting things in between.....I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

swimming in his pool

swim lessons

learning to kick

lunch at the zoo

I love this picture!!

best buddies

sittin on the turtle...his favorite

FINALLY........Cooper smiles and waves on the carousel!!

All the...



On his tricycle from Nana

taking a bath outside with Murphy

About to venture out after the flood

about to cross the Red River/our street after the flood

He LOVES blueberries

Jacob loves to comb his hair out...reminds me of Spencer Pratt from The Hills.

Cooper eatting a peach at daddys stand