Wednesday, September 23, 2009

6 months going on 7

Cooper celebrating his 6 month birthday!

Cooper turned 6 months old on September 3 and yes that was 4 weeks ago but things have been super busy at our house and will be busy till the new year comes around so sorry for all the delays. Drum roll please.............
-Cooper weighed in at 21 pounds and 10 ozs and he is 28 1/4 inches long
-wears size 9-12 months clothes and size 2 shoes
-started doing army crawl but is now on all fours and moving fast
-has two teeth with about 4 more on the way
-hair is still growing like crazy and is getting more curly
-trying very hard to sit up on own
-eats all vegetables and fruits, LOVES them all except for bananas. still eatting cereal in AM

Cooper not liking bananas

-started using a sippy cup
-takes 2 naps during day and sometimes a third (if we are lucky) lasting 45min to hour 1/2 long
-takes 5 bottles a day along with food. transitioning to 3 meals aday with 2 snacks
-will say Da-Da
-loves baths and water......when he hears water running he starts smiling and kicking
-old carseat has been replaced by a new carseat
-swing has been put away and is now using a walker which he loves

First time in walker and half way asleep

-can now sit up in the shopping cart
- loves being ouside
-doesn't like crowds and loud places

-loves his puppy Murphy and all his kisses
-LOVES to chew on his toes and everything else he can get a hold of
-started sticking tongue out
-very ticklish on ribs
-will laugh out loud
-loves playing peek-a-boo and when you scare him
-starting to cry when you leave the room
-loves to look at self in mirror

Cooper went to his first OSU football game on September 19 and he also got his first face painting! GO POKES!!

We met all of my family in Frisco this past weekend since it is half way from Houston and Cooper got to hang out with all his cousins and he LOVED the girls and of course all the attention. We didn't get a picture with Cousin Cody.