Friday, November 12, 2010


Cooper had a full week of Halloween this year by going to Storybook Forest with his adorable little friend Ella for the 2nd year in a row, Haunt the Zoo, a party with his friends at his babysitters, and having Grammie, Pop-Pop and aunt Rah-Rah intown to go trick of treating at some close friends houses!! So, with all that being said you can imagine what it was like to have a 20 month old high on sugar, staying up late and being spoiled...we will just say that church sunday was, well...not so pleasurable but we did have a VERY cute spider!!

at storybook forest

waiting in line for the hayride

listening to the storybook lady read a book

We ran into Pistol Pete at the Zoo

with some friends

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sad attempt for family pictures......

Its that time of year again....Family pictures and well I am sad to say that this is how they turned out
Boy Cousin Picture

These next set of pictures was suppose to be a cousin picture and well you would think it wouldn't be that hard to get a 17, 12, 8, 4 and 1 1/2 year old to smile...or should I say sit still....

so we thought we would bust out the bubbles.....didn't work so well

next was suppose to be a girl cousin picture and well....
Cooper thought he was one of the girls

what is missing from this picture? Do you give up?....COOPER.... he was off trying to get some smores without supervision

After all that hard work sweating in the Austin heat, we did manage to get some good pictures

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation-Part 2

On our way to San Antonio we HAD to stop in Gruene, Texas so that Cooper could have his first of many pictures infront of Gruene Hall and the famous water tower. After Gruene we headed to San Marcos to shop at the outlet stores, which Cooper was VERY excited about. We introduced Cooper to some of our favorite restaurants while in San Antonio...Chris Madrids and Rudys BBQ!

In front of Gruene Hall

Cooper watching a movie from our hotel balcony after eating Rudys and smores!

waiting for our shuttle to take us to Sea World!!

The ever famous picture outside Sea World

playing with daddy on the jungle gym

Looking at all the cool fish

feeding the dolphins

Cooper watching Shamu

he was like this through the entire show

We had a wonderful time on our vacation, it was nice to get away for awhile before things start getting crazy again!

Monday, August 16, 2010


We went on a wonderful vacation the first week of August! We spent the first half of the week in Austin at Lost Pines Resort and then the last part of the week we took Cooper to Sea World in San Antonio. This part of Texas is our favorite and there is so much to do. We tried some new places and had to visit some old. We had so much fun that it was really hard to come home. There is ALOT of pictures so I will have to post them separate so...... Here are the pictures from Lost Pines in Austin!

The kids at Salt Lick BBQ

playing in the sand

the waterslide...Cooper LOVED it,
we lost count of how many times he went down


on the lazy river with Mommy...
another one of his favorites

the family at Chuys
(minus stef and jacob... i think they were buying tshirts)

the kids on the waterfall

claire and cooper pouring water on paw-paw to keep him cool

cooper all tuckered out

Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 weeks later.....

Things have been so crazy lately that I completely forgot this thing even existed.... sorry. We both have been working, Jacob is taking summer school, we both have been working out and trying to keep up with Mr. Cooper.
Since we saw you last Cooper tried swim lessons but didn't really care for it, we have been to the pool and park alot, the zoo, survived a flood and some other interesting things in between.....I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

swimming in his pool

swim lessons

learning to kick

lunch at the zoo

I love this picture!!

best buddies

sittin on the turtle...his favorite

FINALLY........Cooper smiles and waves on the carousel!!

All the...



On his tricycle from Nana

taking a bath outside with Murphy

About to venture out after the flood

about to cross the Red River/our street after the flood

He LOVES blueberries

Jacob loves to comb his hair out...reminds me of Spencer Pratt from The Hills.

Cooper eatting a peach at daddys stand