Friday, April 1, 2011

Catch-Up #5

On October 1st we started watching Charlie Brown Halloween, then on November 1st we started watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and then on November 24 we started watching Charlie Brown Christmas....and when I say watch I mean we watched it EVERYYYYDAYYY! I loved these shows growing up and so I told Jacob that I wanted to Cooper to like them as well but I didn't think that he would be obsessed with them. He would hear the music playing, stop whatever he was doing and RUN to come watch, and he would sit through the whole thing and even memorized some lines. That story leads us to our Valentine's Day
We didn't get a single picture of him in his valentines day shirt with his friends from school but, He made them all a heart-shaped rice krispy treat with sprinkles and a snoopy valentine of course!

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