Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catch-Up #2

This post was suppose to come before our Halloween post but since we are playing catch-up I figured we would throw these in as well. We decided to take the grandkids down to visit GiGi before school was going to start up again. We thought we would try to get some pictures of the kids in places around her house that we always had pictures taken when we were kids growing up, just for memory sake and well you will see how those turn out...

playing with Uncle Joey
kiss from GiGi
picking up pine-cones for GiGi

1st attempt at a picture on the workshop steps

2nd attempt
1st and last attempt at a staying we thought we would bust out some silly string

and well you can see how that worked out...but as soon as they put back on their play clothes everyone starts smiling
We love you GiGi!!

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