Monday, February 1, 2010

We are back!

Coopers new favorite thing to do

Well its been over a month since I have blogged and I am so sorry! I have had plenty of time (being snowed in twice since the last post) but once I get home from work, I do not want to look at a computer so it has been hard to motivate myself. I am here but not with alot to say or alot of pictures. There is fixing to be alot happening in our house, Cooper turns 11 months on Wednesday, we find out if Cooper needs tubes on Wednesday, 1st birthday party planning begins (always brings tears to my eyes), 1 year pictures to prepare for, Cooper will attend his first social event where his good friend Ella turns 1. Makes me tired just thinking about all of it!!

I think the last time that I was here we were snowed in on Christmas Day. We did finally get to celebrate x-mas with Jacobs family that next weekend and Cooper brought in the new year in his dreams. We had a wonderful time with them, but as always it goes by too fast. The following weekend of Jan 9th we got to celebrate Christmas with my family in College Station at the Lake which was different but it was fun. Cooper got lots of new toys which he has HIGHLY enjoyed but bc of the high quantity of toys Jacob and I had to go through all his old toys and donate some and pack some away.
Cooper in swing on New Years Day

Cooper loved to chase this train under the picnic table

and he would do it over and over....the girls loved watching him

I was off on Martin Luther King day so we took Cooper to the sitter so Jacob and I could enjoy a date of lunch and a movie. After our movie me and Cooper went to meet Maria and Ella at the zoo, which was nice to be outside in the wonderful weather we were having for a Jan in Oklahoma. Cooper was acting very laid back and not smiley like he normally is, so we took him over to my sisters house so she could look at his ears and sure enough he had a horrible double ear infection. On top of his ear infections there was also some kind of virus going around at the sitter. He was having a bad runny nose, sneezing, horrible cough that made him projectile vomit every time and nice blowouts. After 2 rounds of antibiotics he is doing much better and is back to his old self.
Cooper and his Friend Ella at the Zoo

The most exciting thing that has happened since we last talked........Cooper is walking. This huge accomplishment came to us on Jan 19. He has been wanting to for the longest time but was very timid about letting go. He would hold on to one of our fingers and walk everywhere so I thought well lets just see what I placed him a couple of inches in front of me and let go and he did it so I put him further back and he did it again. This time Jacob got on one side of the room and I was on the other and he walked back and forth between us. He still holds on to things but ever so often you look up and he is walking to his toys.

Since I didn't post on his 9 or 10 month birthdays I thought I would just give you a heads up on what he is up to growth wise.
-Ruth Ann (our sitter) measured is height on a growth chart and he is about 2 feet tall.
-Weighs around 25-27 pounds
-Wears size 18 month clothes and size 5 1/2 shoe
-Is eating almost all table food now and loves it, except for peaches still
-Taking a sippy cup for juice
-Taking a sippy cup for his two middle bottles and regular bottles at morning and evening
-Takes 2 naps a day and sometimes 3
-Has 6 teeth and expecting more
-Can say DaDa and BaBa but still no MaMa. Sounds like he is trying to say other words but can't make them out just yet
-Starting to point at objects
-Will shake his head to the word no and yes
-Loves to stick out his tongue
-His very obsessed with faces, eye lashes and lips
-Very ticklish on his ribs and feet
-Loves to be chased and scared
-Will throw the ball for his puppy Murphy
-Is already in a big boy car seat bc of height and weight
-Loves to be outside in swing or stroller for walks
Coopers first donut hole

Coopers first taste of dog food....which he liked!


  1. YAY!! an update! Love hearing about Cooper and your family's life. What an exciting month coming up. Can't believe he's almost a year..... tear!
    Love you!

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe the little man is almost one. I know no mother wants to hear this, but he looks MORE and MORE like Jacob all the time! What'd you find out about him having to get tubes put in his ears? I LOVE the fact that you capture his first taste of dog food on camera! Oh, and I've been a horrible blogger lately for the same reason. The last thing I want to do when I get home is even think about getting online and I've just been too busy at the office. Hope y'all are doing great! We miss y'all! I know we'll be in town the last weekend in April. I'm running in the OKC marathon. Maybe we can all get together!

  3. You all are doing a great job! Your sister ate cat food so the dog food is just good fiber!