Sunday, December 27, 2009

Un-Planned Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Coopers first Christmas went a little different then we had planned. I worked until 7pm on wednesday because I would be taking Christmas Eve off (this is a VERY busy time of year for us so to make coming back to work easier for me I worked late). The weather men told us that a storm would be blowing through on wednesday evening and would be gone by noon on Christmas Eve......hahahhaha, that was a fat joke. 14 inches later santa came!! Since we had planned on leaving town (as you can see in picture there are no presents under tree bc they are all packed up) we had not gone to the store, so for our Christmas lunch we had baked chicken, mashed potatoes and black eyed peas. Even though it was not what we had planned it still was nice just to be the three of us for Coopers first Christmas and enjoy every moment of that day with him. Here are some pictures of Coopers First Christmas!!

opening ornament

Turtle ornament

Leaving cookie and milk for Santa

Cookie and Chocolate milk for Santa
What Santa left for Cooper

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