Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Presents

Every morning after breakfast Cooper loves to watch FRANKLIN! If you don't know what Franklin is its a cartoon about a turtle and all his friends. Cooper will just sit and watch Franklin and sometimes smile, I think he really likes the sounds of their voices. Well, Nana came into town for the week and she brought him a turtle, which we couldn't help but name Franklin. He loves to have long conversations with him and also have stare downs with Franklin, which of course Franklin wins.

Cooper with Franklin watching Franklin!!

On Sunday Cooper finally got to meet a very dear friend of ours, Cassi!! We didn't get any pictures with her because we of course forgot to bring our camera. Cassi was so sweet and brought Cooper a gift from her and her parents. Cooper is already enjoying it and can not wait to see her again! Thank you Cassi, Marty and Mr and Mrs. Brown for the VERY cute OSU blanket!!!!


  1. Of course I remember you, Amy! Thanks for checking out my blog and your well wishes! Your son is adorable! Congrats to you as well!!! Now I am adding your blog to my "list"! :)

  2. Hi Amy! Yes I do remember you guys! Congrats on a sweet little boy, he is a darling. I nanny for a little boy named Cooper, so I love the name!

  3. Love the franklin story! He's so adorable!